Gravity Boots


Gravity Boots from Goliath Labs are gravity inversion boots designed for hanging workouts.
Gravity Boots features:
• Made in the USA
• Soft Foam Liners for Comfort
• Steel Hook Construction
• Excellent for Upper Body Workouts
• Helps Improve Core Body Strength
• Improves Blood Circulation
• Adjustable for Small Ankles
• Stretch and Relax Entire Body

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Use Coupon Code: SAVE20% at Checkout

Designed for sit-ups, side bends and inverted squats. Gravity Boots from Goliath Labs are an excellent addition to any regular fitness program. With soft foam liners designed for comfort, these inversion gravity boots are perfect for using in apartments and condominiums. Note: A chin-up bar is required to use the Goliath Labs Gravity Boots.


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