Monster Up-Gainer



  • 10 lb. Tub
  • 1,600 calories per Serving
  • 50,000 mg of Amino Acids
  • 50 g of Whey Protein Mass Builder
  • Replenishes Muscle Glycogen
  • 10 g of Glutamine
  • 10 g of Glutamine Precursors
  • Weight Gain Formulated



Monster Muscle Up-Gainer is the ultimate whey protein mass builder formula. When it comes to hard gaining, you must eat big to get big. That’s why Monster Up-Gainer’s 1,600 mass building calories has 50 grams of high quality Whey Protein to help you crush your mass gaining goals. Up-Gainer Muscle Monster nutrition is loaded with carbohydrates to fuel your most intense workouts, replenish vital glycogen stores post-workout, and muscle-up your bodybuilding progress. Other whey protein mass builder powders may rely on you to mix them with milk in order to add extra calories. With Monster Up-Gainer’s delicious formula, there’s no need to mix it with anything but water. 4 scoops supplies 100% of our 1,600+ calories. Over 50,000MG of Amino Acids!


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